Weekly Photography Challenge: A Day in My Life

curing myself

Almost like the commercial said: “Nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea – hey Pepto-Bismol”

Hey guys – I know today’s challenge is to take a series of photographs to reflect what your day is about. I was all set, planning out my photographs – and then life interfered. Yeah, as you might have noticed, that’s Pepto-Bismol and a Coke. In fact, that’s dosage number two (well, Pepto number 4, I think?) for today. I managed to catch the stomach bug that’s going on and have been spending my day (projectile) vomiting. Ugh. Nothing is staying down. At least I’ve made it to the bathroom each time. Actually, that last one was a close call since I was at the checkout, about to pay – when the emergency hit. Fortunately my sister was right there to take over and a bathroom wasn’t too far away. And that’s probably TMI for you guys.

Anyway, this is throwing a huge monkey wrench into my Easter plans. No cooking or baking for me, much less any eating. It’s amazing how a day without any food or beverages makes you feel wobbly. I mean, it’s not like I haven’t fasted before, though not without water intake, but when you fast you also prepare yourself mentally. Me, I’m feeling mostly annoyed that I can’t do all the things I planned – no Easter chocolate, no contributing to the family brunch (sight and smell of food is still a trigger), and no eating any salads right now. Sniff.

Well, this too shall pass. I hope your Easter weekend looks like it’ll be fun, and I’ll check in with you guys once I’m better.



    1. I’m moderately optimistic, given that the few saltines I just had are staying down. Hopefully I can have a slice of toast later…


  1. I was on the phone with my friend last night and we kept congratulating each other for not catching the bug for years. I hate it. I literally feel like I’m going to die when throwing up. Oh, btw, sorry that you’re ill.


    1. Yeah, normally I’m pretty resistant to things like that, but this time I caught it big time. At least I’m not getting nauseous when I see food…


  2. Sorry to hear G. Tell Vkram and Tej this is what happens when you don’t eat your vegetables, then drop one on the floor. Somebody will laugh (probably Dinesh)


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