Playing with your food

sweet potato cubes with Tegu blocks

Thank you all for the well wishes! I’m pretty much back to normal, which is good since I had another homework assignment for the photography homework. This time our idea was to do something more abstract, to play around and to not photograph food as food per se. The inspiration was the photography of Annabelle Breakey – a San Francisco photographer who e.g. made QR codes out of lemons and avocados for Taco Bell. Check out this awesome behind the scenes video:

The first thing that popped into my head was sweet potatoes. I’d bought some to continue to pursue my quest of finally creating the perfect sweet potato fry (at least to my taste), and, well, I now had an ingredient on hand that would stand up to some manipulation. I first thought of making a Jenga tower out of sweet potato fries. I would have liked to mix the actual Jenga pieces with sweet potato pieces. But, I’m short on time and I couldn’t find any friends who had a Jenga puzzle. Pffft. Well, some browsing at a few kid toy stores later I found these little wooden blocks with magnets in them. They’re by Tegu – a really cute little on-the-go toy for little kids. Well, I meant to get a Easter gift for the younger munchkin anyway, and while this was on the more expensive side, I figured I’d get someone else to pitch in. Hence, my photography session of toys, with a sweet potato slices and cubes inserted. It should be pretty obvious which ones are the sweet potato pieces. Btw, it’s really hard to cut the pieces into exact squares and rectangles! I should have made some kind of stencil.

Tegu blocks and sweet potato pieces


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