Surviving teacher training


The first weekend of teacher training is over, and wow! My brain is exploding. Ok, maybe not going, but that was a lot of input. Teacher training will be a great experience but it will also challenge me on all kinds of level. Oh boy. But I will definitely come out of this experience knowing and understanding a lot more about yoga.

So let’s recap:

  • Class One: What to expect, what kind of classes, how we will be challenged, recommendations, rules, and of course the all important introductions. That sounds pretty easy but we all definitely had a “Oh sh*t” moment. And apparently we will experience a whole lot more of those moments.
  • skeletonClass Two: Anatomy, particularly anatomy of the appendicular skeleton. At this point your probably thinking “That’s nice, but I have no idea what you’re talking about, and I really don’t need technical jargon.” The appendicular skeleton is the arms and legs. And we learned a lot about the bones, joints, muscles, tendons, to the point that I felt that my brain was exploding. I came home thinking that I’m in over my head and that this will be a LOT of work. Yeah.
  • Class Three: More anatomy, this time of the spine. This class was also intense but I felt that I had much more of a handle on what was going on. That’s because we also implemented a lot of the knowledge, learning more about how this all applies to our own posture and how it affects our yoga practice. There was a lot more work with poses and you could really tell the difference all this information made. We had some guest students – people coming for a spine workshop – which meant that we were 60(!!!) people crammed into a room. There really wasn’t much space left.

So what’s the summary? Well, I’m (still) really really excited about this teacher training. I know I’ll learn a lot about yoga, and I think I’ll also learn a lot about myself. At the same time I’m a lot clearer on how much work will be coming my way. I will definitely have to be very organized to make sure I’m on top of all the reading and other requirements. (Yes, there are exams). I’ll also have my own practice to work on, and class observations. Darren, our primary teacher, recommended that we do a class observation a week as we move through the training and I’m planning on doing just that. I’m sure my expanding knowledge will affect what I see and learn attending those classes.

I already feel benefits from this weekend’s classes. I was applying some of the knowledge from Sunday’s spine class to my own practice today and which helped me maintain proper form in my lower back (which was to keep a curve in my lower back even though bent over, or lying on my back). I feel like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon that now faces the great wide world. So much to learn and explore, and what a great way to leave old burdens behind. Let’s see what experiences will come my way next weekend!



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