About Me

Sometimes life is spicy, sometimes life is tart, but there should always be some fun in it. And this is my way of writing about my life, and all those things that enrich it. I hope you have fun sharing in my everyday and not so every day explorations, procrastinations, imaginations – on just about anything that strikes my fancy. This is my way of recording and commenting on things that inspire me, make me want to create and just plain simply are fun.

You’ll find that I mostly write about food, crafting and photography. I really do enjoy these things, and they really, well, spice up everyday life. But you’ll also find the occasional commentary on current events or things that are rattling through my head. (I try to stay away from big political discussions. There are other great political blogs and websites out there, but for me, I prefer discussing these things face to face. People tend to be more civil that way).

I try to respond timely – if I haven’t gotten back to you, it’s probably because I’m traveling or because I’m somewhere without Internet access (Gran, get your access fixed)! Feel free to bug me and I’ll also figure out a little contact me widget so you guys can get in touch with me directly.

And if you’re still curious, here’s a bit more about me:

  • As you might have figured out from reading the blog, I’m of Indian origin, I grew up in Germany, and I live in the US. I kind of need an around the world ticket if I want to visit the various relatives who live all over the place.
  • That being said, our nuclear family is really close. I love my family. My family is awesome. No really. Many people talk about how great their family is and how they all get along so well, and how they’ve supported them, and so on. Well, in my case it’s absolutely true. Not that we don’t fight and argue, and get all annoyed with each other at times. That’s just the very nature of family. But we’re all close and when push comes to shove we stick together like glue. They rock. And extended family, you’re awesome too 🙂
  • Speaking of family, food is really important in my family. When our extended family gets together, we make a food plan ahead of time so everybody can take a turn and show off – in a good way! – what they’d like to cook. There is the one lone outlier, but he has come a long way from making eggs in the microwave (in a plastic egg cooker, yikes). And yes, we also have schedules for clean up and assisting duties. Everybody pitches in.
  • I like just about any kind of food. My first love is baking – Mom let us putter around with leftover dough as kids, and we slowly started to learn how to bake. Now we’re the ones doing the baking. And I have a huge sweet tooth. And now I’m totally on the trying out new salad options train.
  • I love Indian food, primarily my Mom’s cooking. I don’t really cook much Indian food since it never meets up to Mom’s standards, and I just end up disappointed with my version. My first cooking adventures were mostly hit and miss (more miss than hit), but things are different now. I love experimenting.
  • My parents always placed more emphasis on handmade gifts than on bought ones. They still have all the various Christmas ornaments that we’ve made. Looking at our Christmas tree is taking a trip down memory lane. So my love of crafting got an early start, and I used to craft a lot as a kid – in Kindergarten, with friends and family and in school. Our school had an awesome crafts room and during arts & crafts club we could work with woodworking equipment, pottery wheels, enamel equipment and oven, and batik dyes. We could also make our own books, carve soap stone, and create prints and posters using our self-made linocuts. Really awesome.  And then there’s knitting and crocheting of course.
  • I’ve been knitting (and crocheting), since July 2008, although I did learn a bit of crochet long long ago in school. Crafting took a backseat to everyday life for a long time, but when life knocked me sideways I picked up crafting again, and I’m really enjoying creating. I started up to make some handmade gifts, found Ravelry, and that was that.
  • I’ve been photographing since 1992, or so, first on film, then digital. I used to have an analog camera which I mostly used to photograph people – I wasn’t that great at photographing other stuff. And then I got my first digital camera, and I started using a DSLR in 2011, and I love it. I now have even more freedom with all those options. Plus you start to think more about the composition and the quality of your photographs.
  • I’m a lifelong reader. I’m infamous in my family for completely tuning out everyone and everything while reading. Deaf as a stone is the common judgement. I’ve transitioned to mostly digital books, which I’m greatly thankful for otherwise I would need even more bookshelves than I already have. (But I hate that DRM makes my life harder).
You can find me on Ravelry, Twitter, or on Flickr. Have more questions? Use the form below. Thanks for sticking around!


  1. Wow the blog is looking great. Creative is the right word!! Very interesting commentary that just reflect your literary skills.

    keep it up.



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