Star Wars (cake!)

I am a geek, I admit it. I’ve given you hints of my geekiness along the way. I could talk and talk and talk about my love of Star Wars. Not that it’s the only proof of geekiness. But this post is about Star Wars, so Star Wars is what I’ll talk about. Btw, did you know that July 13 is “Embrace Your Geekness Day?” Oh, and if you like geeky stuff, you should totally check out Geektroverted. So full of awesome.

I have no idea how often I’ve seen the original trilogy. Not as often as as my friend Mark, who used to watch one of the original Trilogy movies as a teen. I camped out for the Phantom Menace. I heard Anthony Daniels talk, who really is tall and skinny. No wonder he fit into that C3PO outfit. I haven’t seen the 3D version, but I have DVDs of both the revised version of the original Trilogy as well as the unedited one. I like that one better anyway – errors and fudging, and Ewok dancing and all. Btw, don’t you love those little Star Wars chibis? These were made by Joe Wright, over on Deviant Art.

Why is there no Yoda chibi? Lando Calrissian? And if there’s a Govenor Tarkin chibi, what about Admiral Ackbar?

My birthday cake is a classic mocha cake. I love it. It is delicious. It’s only made once a year, for my birthday, so I always look forward to it. I’ve seen some of the cake shows on TV, and have been pretty impressed with some of the cakes that people whip up. I actually once thought of getting an Ace of Cakes cake for my sister’s baby shower, but the waiting time was 1(!!!) year. Whoa. Yeah, that wasn’t happening. And apart from that you have no idea what the cake actually tastes like. You see the the amazing features, but then there are all these pipes and styrofoam elements – you wonder how much cake is actually left. And then there’s all that rolled fondant, which I can’t imagine tasting good. Does anyone know what it tastes like?

But I’ll gladly throw out all my cake prejudices for a Star Wars cake. Or even a Star Wars party. I mean, check out these cakes featured on Geektroverted: