Oh Mother, Where Art Thou?

As you get older it gets hard and harder to spend Mother’s Day with your mother. Much less than that, it gets even harder to spend the day with your grandmother. And then there are all the other mothers in your family or among your friends who deserve appreciation. But even if you can’t spend the day with them, you can still make the day special for the mothers in your life. There is always the classical option of ordering flowers for them. In fact, you can order all kinds of things online. You can order gift certificates for some pampering – spa and other options like that are popular. And of course there are all kinds of other gift certificate options as well. There’s the jewelry option. You can offer to take them out for dinner when you’re in town the next time. Oh, and everybody says that household appliances aren’t a good idea. But my sister loved the KitchenAid she got which she’d been wishing for (a bunch of us chipped in).

But the gifts my family appreciates most are the handmade kind. I know Mom treasures every handmade card that we made for her as kids. I’m pretty sure she’s kept them all. (Same with Christmas and birthday gifts.) So, what to give to my Mom? Last year I was in town so I made a special meal for  last year I made handmade gnocchi with pesto and then homemade scones with strawberries two ways, one of them being a lemony strawberry “pan-jam.” (Let me know if you want the recipe). Even if you’re not in the same town as your Mom, you could always make her a care package. It’s not a new idea, but I was reminded when Giade de Laurentiis and Ina Garten featured care packages on their show.Careful with shipping food from abroad – I don’t think you’re allowed to mail those kinds of things. And as you know you’re always asked if you’re mailing food or perishable items, so choose a delivery method where you can make sure that your package arrives in a timely way. Nothing worse than getting a package of spoiled food a month after the fact.

What did I give my Mom this year? Well, you’ll have to visit back tomorrow – I need to show it to her first. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!

Btw, if you run an image search on the term Mother’s Day you’ll find all kinds of cheesy and overly cutesy images. And so much pink! Good golly Miss Molly.