There She Is, Miss America

Miss America Nina Davuluri talent performance (via The Stewardship Report)

(This is a two-part article – I’m breaking this post up into two parts in the interest of avoiding infodump. I’m planning to segue to India’s obsession with fair skin in Part II).

It’s a week now since she was chosen, but the current Miss America, Nina Davuluri, is of Indian-American origin. Aaaand her choice was accompanied – as many of might have heard – many many ignorant, and even racist comments. There’s a whole assortment to be found on Public Shaming on Tumblr, but comments range from calling her a terrorist, an arab and/or muslim, Miss Foreign Country or Miss 7-11.

Honestly, I just have to roll my eyes at the ignorance displayed. The ones that made me laugh were the ones that equaled the “disaster” of her win with the loss of their favorite sports team. Really? If someone you think someone is a terrorist, a loss of the Yankees, Cowboys, or whatever favorite sports team is as bad or worse? I mean, really????

Miss America’s response has been thoughtful and level-headed, which I would imagine is a necessary quality for her role. I’m pretty excited that she was chosen, since Indian-Americans are a part of the melting pot that is America. Oh, and Nina Davuluri wasn’t the only Indian American in the running for Miss America – there was also Bindhu Parmathi, Miss DC. I do know first hand how frustrating and painful racism and ignorance can be. I feel especially bad for Sikh friends who so often are automatically thought of to be terrorist. Does dark skin, dark hair or a turban automatically mean that you’re a terrorist? Plus, who looks at a beauty pageant and thinks terrorism?

Stephen Colbert really says it best:

By the way, if you’re interested in more non-intelligent Twitter rants, check out some of the comments on Kenichi Ebina’s win of America’s Got Talent, which includes comparisons to Pearl Harbor, and racial slurs like chink and jap. I don’t follow that show at all, and had no idea that a winner had been chosen, but I love checking out Public Shaming to reassure my faith in the human race – and then I’m reminded that some people seem to be terminally ignorant. Well, they could always expand their horizon. But that kind of idiocy is one of the reason I’m rarely on Twitter…

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Twitter. Yeah.

So I’m suffering from Twitter feed overload. Seriously. There’s such a ridiculous amount of tweeting going on in my feed that it’s hard for me to keep up with who has said what, and so on. You may be saying “well duh, that’s the point” and you’re right. Twitter is about tweeting, but I’m reading so much that it’s hard for me keep up with who said what, to keep track of the Tweets that really are of interest to me. And thus it is so much harder to respond, and really interact with people. I even changed my twitter address to make it clear that this is an @anjireads account. I will be shifting things around, and set up a separate Twitter address where I can actually talk to the people I want to talk to, and keep the alerts and updates and infodump tweets to another account. (It may sound weird that you can infodump on Twitter, but some people give it their best shot. Especially when a new tweet appears every 10 minutes. It defeats the purpose of tweeting if you’re still telling your story in a series of tweets. Brevity is the point of here, people, that’s why you have 140 characters!).

Pardon my grumpiness, but I feel bad that I haven’t been interacting as much with you guys. But I promise I’ll do better in 2013, and overhauling my Twitter, and thus my tweeting is one way to go about it.