Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

family handprints

family tree

I could’ve put up a photograph on any kind of crafting projects – if you poke around this blog, you’ll find tons of posts on creativity and creations. But I thought you guys would really enjoy this recent family tree that we made. Very quick and easy to make, and it’s a kind of snapshot of your family at that moment in time. Plus, people love guessing who made which handprint. It’s a great dinner conversation topic.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

rear bumper

This is my photograph for this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – this week the topic is “Close.” Oh, and I took this photograph from the sidewalk, not while driving. Although how anyone is supposed to read all those bumper stickers while driving is beyond me. They’re more made for pedestrians, I think.

Clean Up

Do you ever spend time cleaning up your blog? Yes? No? I’m not sure if it’s worth the effort or if I’m spending unnecessary blogging time fixing old posts that most people probably never look at. It just bugs me to see an older post where the image links are broken. And now that I’ve been adding featured images to my posts I’d like older posts to have that addition too. Btw, for all of you WordPress users out there: Are you able to add featured images by adding an URL to an image? Somehow it just doesn’t work for me – I don’t get the featured image option. But if I upload an image from my computer then it works. Weird.

Sometimes perfectionist tendencies make your life harder – and most of the time no one notices. I mean, in the end I’ll be a happy camper, and I’ll appreciate the way things are consistent throughout the blog. But I know that along the way I’ll be cursing myself for making my life harder. Apart from fixing the images and the like, I really want to fix my tags and my categories. Right now I have way too many tags. Some of them have only been used once. And it’s really better to have only something between 5 to 10 tags – that’s one of the WordPress suggestions to get more traffic.

I also just added the Zemanta blogging assistant. I saw it show up under the screen options on my WordPress new post page. I’m trying to figure out how this works… I don’t really see much difference to my posts with it. Instead I would like to add Link Within widget but on WordPress you can only add it if your blog is self-hosted. Boo.

Ultimately I want to move the blog to its own domain so the cleanup does have a purpose. I’m thinking about moving the blog to a new domain – and use the move to update the blog’s name. Knit Read Click somehow makes me think of Eat Pray Love, or the knitting store Eat Sleep Knit. Something I didn’t consider when picking out the blog’s name.

I guess I could take the easy way out and change the blog to Knit Eat Click. But I still would rather have a different name altogether.There are already so many great knitting blogs out there, it’s hard to come up with an original name. If you have a name suggestion I’d love to hear your idea.