late adopter

Are you guys using Instagram? Am I one of the few people who aren’t using Instagram? It’s funny, I added that app to my phone a while ago. I just haven’t been playing around that much with it. Probably because I’m primarily photographing with my SLR, so I’m not modifying the images on the phone. Instead I have the computer and iPhoto and Photoshop – although I try to think about my angles and lighting beforehand so I don’t have to do too much in the way of editing. Actually, most of my images are shown the way they were taken.

But the Instagram images by Whodunnknit were the ones that were the kicker. Plus, even though I’m not much on Facebook, I can see that many of the photographs of friends are modified using Instagram. And for bloggers, you can use Followgram that makes it easy for people to follow your blog and website. Pretty neat, actually.

Digging a hole - literally

Digging a hole – literally

I would however like to make individual images private. Apparently there is no easy way to do that . One of the otion is to set up two separate accounts, and then sign out every time I want to switch to the other account. Sigh. Oh, Instagram, why can’t you make my life easier? Although now that you’ve been acquired by Facebook, you probably want to keep track of as much information as possible. Double sigh.

For now my Instagram account is private, and I share individual images only. I’d prefer to share my images per default, and then opt individual images out, that way I could share my Instagram pictures with you by default. But at least I have a few Instagram images to share since I just started using Instagram.

Lock in a fence

Keeping someone in, or keeping people out?

Nutella Tarts

Nutella Tarts. There is a heaven, and it has Nutella in it 😉

You done?

You done?

True dat.

True dat. (Knitting project bags)

Cherry, corn and fennel salad

Cherry, corn and fennel salad